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for Brian Eno

Upon a time once in the middle of the night
when clouds rushed to cover the moon and
an overcast fog kept the stars hidden from sight
Ba-umf emerged from his shadow
in the absence of light

He was on a journey to the well of sadness
For there he'd heard an echo of a tale which
whispered on the unfamiliar wind of leeks hills
a deadbeat trance on the railroad tracks singing
in that shrill metal scream diminishing

Like a knife sharpened on one side after
having gleamed in the moonlight of a clearing
on Dunwich Beach in the autumn of 1960
the well's throat is parched and it drinks you up

In a measured room a basement by an inland sea
Deep enshrouded Ba-umf ascends to the blessed
through the three tiers of the Cernunnos Woods
before the Order of the Dragon upon a time
held fast to its final track


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