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for Al A.

The definition of readjusting 
one's view of world 
one's view of self
the anamnesis of recovering 
the knowledge we were always
part of a whole and never 
the central theme

This divorce from a common law knowledge 
paved the way for the ego and forced
A shunning of the mother goddess
The study of letting go 
the practice of letting go
What is there to let go of

Well certainly not the ground
(Once a supposition is merited
a plausibility is extended
something like a merry go round
where old rides die hard)

The study of properly planned revolts
Examining the back yard

Scratching for scraps 
in the moonlit dirt
The study of choice 
the study of identity
The question of who regulates it 
and what regulates destiny

The question of freedom and 
the limits of our rights to it
The definition of self
The study of perspective 
the study of priorities
The meaning of being human

The study of photosynthesis
The observation of con artists 
and  visualizing shell games
The nature of the beast
The assignment of application
The study of definition

The science of chaos, to say the least
the order of faith. The needs of the few
outweighing the many, the challenge
of how pretty no longer is a penny

The methodical scrutiny of grime
The stain in the transmitted lie
The disease of the silent eye
The hills of foam on the pond 
floating on dark underslitherings
where steam bath dreams rewind
to peel back the skin of faces to find
the study of all mankind and
the study of one man studying
left behind for someone to find

The study of dust, of skins being shed
Re-emerging life, polished anew
The study of what, where, and are we who 
(the study of me is the study of you)

The study of balancing each 
other out of the equation
the entire history of a nation
the dream of changing our mind
the need to invent a new word

the necessity of creating 
our own language
the wisdom of learning 
for ourselves the study 
of wisdom. The defining 
of change. Forgetting having 
uncovered the meaning once


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